I'm Jasmine Marie :) that's all you're gonna know!
*I looooovvee BOTDF, Guns N Roses, Asking Alexandria, Mac Miller, Slipknot.. Etc.. That's just a few :D
I like anime! :) it's pretty beast! I'm OBESSED with penguins and pandas :) they are just soo freggin cute xD
Adam Lambert
Jayy Von Monroe
Dahvie Vanity
Channing Tatum
I shall marry all of them. Even if 2 of them are gay.. I'll turn 'em straight.
I hate being outside.. Unless i'm tanning ;) I love being inside.. I;m nothing without my phone, iPod touch, tv, compter, or game systems!
Wanna know more? Just ask :) <3
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JayyMarie1877 JayyMarie1877 Apr 15, 2012 03:14PM
@kaila817 He suree iss :))
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