your book "sweet" is literally one if not my most fav books. it's literally super cute and there's a lot of fluff which i like. keep it up author yasss❤


Is everything ok? It's been a while since you last updated


Please continue with tender and sway


I just want to say I love your book tender and sweet books. I hope this will be continuing and don't get to an end. I love how sweet book on chubby with popular boy/jock. They're couple goal. Do you have any Instagram for your wattpad stories update?


Plz continue tender!! It’s such a good story!!


Love your Tender book. Wish to read more about Evan's and Dane's wedding and married life. And also same to Sweet it really a sweet book. I like that Mason love Alec for his size. I hope I can fine someone just like Mason, it's hard to fine someone who likes their partner rounder(chubby). And if there are, their few. 


Love your stories