"Obviously Korolenko is a highly subversive individual, though he has talent." - Russian Czar Alexander III

Writer, raconteur, and general malcontent. Soul, mind, and fist. I am the author of RELENTLESS - 30 YEARS OF SEPULTURA, a complete biography of Brazil's heaviest export, published worldwide in four languages, and THE DAY I LEFT - A Novel. My work has been featured in publications as varied as VICE, Shroud Mag, Performer, The Backstage Beat, and Cider Mag. I am also a regular contributor to the heavy metal online zine Ghost Cult, where I attempt to destroy the construct of "typical" album reviews 400 words at a time.

I'm fascinated with diversification and spreading my dirty little fingers into as many literary venues as I can. As such, you can find me couch surfing back and forth between a number of different sites:

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Or don't do any of that, and eat a taco and watch reruns of The Office because, well, that's what I'm doing and I think you'd really enjoy it, too.
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Story by Jason Korolenko
The Miracle of Birth by JasonKorolenko
The Miracle of Birth
Nothing brings a family together - or tears it apart - quite like the miracle of birth. A tale of passion...
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