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I can NOT find a good book I want to read on Wattpad! Here are the genres I'm looking for:
          - Werewolf
          - YA Romance
          - Historical Fiction
          Do you guys have any recommendations?


@JasmineTheDreamer Have you ever read  'The Bite' by @ZeroWineThirty? It honestly my favorite series and she is publishing in 2023. It's not a Historical in our sense, but it has a great plot that's well thought out.


My beast, angels of the underworld series, the yakuza series, her guardian Reaper, the day the moon disappeared by SigorinaAnn
            Maeve by SVINSKI
            The bloodlust Alpha by Youre_My_Sanctuary
            The alphas undaughter by W0nd3rful-Dr3ams
            Never mine and Make you mine by BrittNLeigh
            His Flower by Daydreamer1011 
            Melkin City series and Burned ones by xsnickerss
            Taming the street racer by koolkenz
            I have so many more I like on my profile so if you're interested, feel free to look through.


The Heartbreak Chronicles is good YA Romance, The Season series is a really good romance and one of my favorite series on here,  or my book The Lost Heiress is fantasy ya romance.