Hello! My name is Jasmin. I'm new to Wattpad. I love writing, singing, acting, and dancing!

Please do check out my novella, "The Old House on Timber Hill Lane" and COMMENT to tell me what you think of each chapter so far! =D ALL COMMENTS ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED! They help me see what I'm doing right or wrong in my story. My Goal is to improve my stories based on honest and helpful comments. Ty! :-)

—–██—– Put this on
—–██—– your Wall
██████—if you’re not
—–██—– embarrassed
—–██—– to tell others
—–██—– that you
—–██—– believe in God ♥
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The Old House on Timber Hill Lane

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Description: When Kimberly Doven and her family were looking for a new house, they came to a mysterious house that had a history that they didn't know anything about. Kimberly's family dies in the house in a way no one cou...


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