If you love an epic love story with a twist then you'll love The firefighter and his girl https://www.wattpad.com/story/36391681


Hai.. I just wandering if the book of The Act Of love spin off Stacia n Darius missing? Because when i click on it, it cannot be found.. It is still can be read of? Because i really like the character of them.. Thank you..
          P/s: i really really like all of your books.. 


Hey i have read most of your books i really love the Chubby chasers but I cant seem to fine all of the books I know at once time i have read all of them but I would really love to read them again 


I love your writing. I’m new to Wattpad, but so far you have been a favorite writer of mine. You don’t differ from detail, and you submerge the reader into the story. And, you write about horses, which is absolutely my favorite thing in this universe right now. 
          I hope you keep writing and I’m really sad that already I see people harassing you and multiple other authors. This is ridiculous and I can’t believe people feel so small that they must belittle someone they think is ‘lower’ then them. 
          Don’t listen to these people. I’m sure they’ve gone away.


Hi Janis ! It’s been a while since I’ve been on Wattpad ,  but I am back! Looking forward to reading your stores again ! I always loved them! Will you check out my new story called My purpose ! It’s a true story. I will be updating it regularly. I want to spread the word to the situations that people like myself have seen and been in! Thank you !

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