If you enjoyed The Untameable Texan, I wanted to let you know that the full-length romance, Stranded with the Rancher is on sale for 99 cents. Wednesday and Thursday only (7/29, 7/30) From Kindle and Nook...


@JaniceMaynard  OMG. I admire you for being an amazing author with a unique way of writing. you are awesome! xx


The Untenable Texan showed so much promise and so many people were/are interested in the whole story. Why would you start something as good as this, only to dissapoint your readers and not finish it ? I am one of those who can't wait for the rest. But as I am a fast reader I read so many other stories after starting this one that I would have to start from scratch if I would be interested in knowing the rest of the story. At this stage I must admit that I have no faith in the author to deliver the "goods". It's a shame as you have so much potential but. At the rate you are going now, you are just going to make my list of "fly by nights" not to be taken serious. Books not to even start in order to avoid disappointment.  


i enjoy your book...i hope publish in indonesia too...coz not easy to get kind of this book in book store... that's why ..i like read in wattpad...so much book to read...so much adventure...thank u


The Untamble Texan was an excellent book.  Looking forward to reading the following book " Stranded With The Rancher ".

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