I've been writing since my 7th grade year as a result of encouragement from one of my teachers. Since then, I have penned a large number of short stories. In February of 2012, I started "Hull - Volume I," my first original novel. Since then, I have completed the novel and its counterpart, "Hull - Volume II: The Posthumous Chronicles," both which I have published through CreateSpace. I have also written an as-of-now unreleased novel titled "Nanny Who Enjoys Traveling Sought."

My focus as a writer is to create a fictitious universe so vast, comprehensive, and encompassing that no matter what kind of reader you are, you will still be able to find a place to call home within the Hulliverse. This focus has made it so that all of my writing works created after February 12th, 2012, take place in the same constructed universe, allowing for interspersed connectivity and story cohesion between seemingly-unrelated works.

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Description: The world has changed. They have made it so. Chimaera has made it so. And Warsaw is a lasting, bitter epitome of the collateral.

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