I'm a 17-year-old professional freelance writer having worked in the industry since July 2018. Ever since I was 8 I've founded a love for writing and continue to share that, both through my paid clientele, writing competitions I enter, as well as sharing content for free such as here and on my website: jakesymons.com

I'm a passionate advocate for mental health and have been ever since experiencing my own struggles when I was 11 years old. Family difficulties overloaded me, I couldn't cope. The only way out was to harm myself, both physically, and mentally, depriving myself of the love and care needed.

Since that time I battle ever single day with mental health. It never goes away. I've had the harsh realization that mental health isn't something that I can just detach from myself and put it back in a box. There's no 'return to sender.'

I want to use my fight and my won experience to help other people. I started at ChildLine leaving messages for others on their message board service. Now I continue to help people both via my mental health stories, my YouTube live Q&As where I take mental health questions, and my select group I help on a daily basis.

Offering mental health help for me has been a way of managing through my own battles. Through being in the darkest places of life I can emphasis with those who have, or are on their way to visit them also. I bring this unique gift in the form of my stories, and blog, and just the way that I help people.

But it's not just about me. The reason I started writing about mental health was to make it something that was in everyday life. Mental health needs to be something that's an every day concept, such as talking about how bad the traffic is or the weather. We need to get our mental health into the open, we need to start those conversations and more importantly, we need to listen and be open to those that want to converse to us.

Only then, can we say we're doing all we can to help with mental health.

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