Omega Virus 1-4 (complete) 5 (coming in March)
Strange World 1 (complete) 2 (coming in May)
GodForge 1 (complete) 2 (coming in October)
Dark Dayz 1 (ongoing)
Earthbound (on hold)
Final Fantasy (on hold)
Flash Fiction (complete)

Greetings and salutations, everyone!

My name is Jake A. Strife, and I'm a writer.
I've written 12 novels so far, that combined equal more than 1,250,000 words. I'm constantly busy with my writing (and then gaming).

My first novel was called Dark Dayz, which I changed to Book of Fate in 2014. I wrote four books in that series, although 2 were rewritten entirely.

My second series was Omega Virus. Gamers vs the Zombie Apocalypse! Who could ask for more?

My third is Strange World. A teenage boy is diagnosed as terminal, and goes to a crazy fantasy world to find a cure, but at a cost.

And my fourth is GodForge! I'm currently finishing the first book in this series. An alchemist must sacrifice his son's life to create the ultimate 'living; weapon capable of battling the evil gods.

So check out Omega Virus-books 1 through 4, Strange World, and GodForge.

Currently Earthbound and Final Fantasy are on hold.
GodForge is just about finished, and next up is Dark Dayz - Dawn. This book will be a VRMMORPG horror/scifi story.

Here's my Facebook 'Fan' Page:

and my PlayStation network username:

If you enjoy my work, please vote on every chapter if you could. It means a lot. I will try to reply to your comments as long as I'm not too bogged down. Thanks everyone!
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JakeAshStrife JakeAshStrife Jan 28, 2016 05:49PM
Sorry for the lack of posting. I'm in the process of moving over today through the weekend. I hope to be back to writing Dark Dayz very soon! While you wait, please check out Strange World, GodForge...
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