Greetings and salutations! :)
I'm Jake A. Strife.
Currently, I'm the author of 19 books.
Also, I'm a huge anime and video game fan!

My Original Novels:
Dark Dayz - 1 - VR Dawn
Dark Dayz - 2 - Shaded Noon
GodForge - 1 - Forge of the Mind
Omega Virus - 1 - Beta Hour
Omega Virus - 2 - Gamma Hour
Omega Virus - 3 - Delta Hour
Omega Virus - 4 - Sigma Hour
Omega Virus - 5 - Psi Hour
Omega Virus - 6 - Omega Hour
Severed Chains - 1 - Fateless (3 ver.)
Severed Chains - 2 - Tribulation (2 ver.)
Severed Chains - 3 - Abyss
Severed Chains - 4 - Dark Side of a Moon
Strange World - 1 - Grimoire
Strange World - 2 - Mega-Real

My Fan Fics Include:
Earthbound - A Hero Chosen
Final Fantasy - Warriors of Light

Coming Soon:
GodForge: Forge of the Body (book 2)
Strange World: Ether (book 3)
Severed Chains: (book 2--REWRITE)
Dark Dayz: Fading Dusk (book 3)
Omega Virus: Alpha Hour (book 7)

If you're interested in owning a physical or digital copy of my published books...
Omega Virus: Beta Hour (book 1)
Dark Dayz: VR Dawn (book 1)
Strange World: Grimoire (book 1)

...visit this link.

Make sure to leave a review after reading the book! It means the world. Thanks, and enjoy!
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So I have a dilemma. I know some people are waiting for GodForge Book 2.But I've also received a lot of requests to write a different own original vampire series. The only reason I haven'...
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