Hello all and welcome to my page where I try to at least hold your attention for more than just a few sentences! You still there? Good. Nice to meet you.

I am J.J. Angelus. An author, digital artist, poet and soundscape musician.

I am currently working on several different series and my primary genre is speculative fiction with my subgenre being Science Fantasy. Most of my stories have a horror edge to them since I grew up with R.L. Stine's Goosebumps in my life.

My main and first creation is Tales of Potentia, which is Science Fantasy (and horror) at its greatest for me. I plan for it to be a long series of books (7 currently) and I frequently promote it. It is for older young adult audience and is filled with action, scary scenes and some magic.

I have other titles I'm working on as well that fall into the Fantasy and Children Comedy as well.

I hope you enjoy my works and show me some love! Lightspeed!
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