well info about me.....

Well iv always luved reading books and more recently iv become kind of addicted (i read the whole twilight saga books in like 6 days no joke!) so anyway my friend told me about this website and WOOOOOOW!!! totally amazed by the quality of the stories on here and thought well i shud give it a try! so here i am givin writing a go... ul have to bear with me its more difficult than i thought but its a gud hobby neways :)

im also more than willing to read ur works (whoevers reading this :p) i love to vote/comment/fan so feel free to ask me to read anything!!! I am also good at editing and rewording stuff (apart from my own work for some strange reason) so if u want any editing doing i dont mind :D

My favorite colours purple and bright pink! (i no it sounds girly but woteva!!)

I really love starbucks soya latte... Mmmmm coffee goodness :D

I dont really have a favorite genre of music it depends on my mood :D

I currently have really bad writers block (not that im an author by any stretch of the imagination!!) my friend totally ripped my book to shreds (cutie and the dork) so im kinda scared to write the next one i had planned lol!!!

feedback is a must so if you read anything of mine you dont like TELL ME!!! pweaaaaase *puppy dog eyes* lol annnnnyway im a chatter box as u might of noticed if iv commented on ur book!! (sorry!!)


Jade xx
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JadieBabiexxx JadieBabiexxx Aug 03, 2011 09:34PM
yeeey anti-twilight!!! lol i read all the twilight saga but now im kinda over it bella is a lil pathetic... lol n no problem the suspense of waitin for new chapters of an addictive story is as good a...
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