So you want to know something about me eh 

1.I'm new

2.I'm a guy

3.I'm BI......i think ;3

4.I'm single ;)

5. I love greeeeeeeeennnnnn

6.I sing a lot all the time

7.i do a hair flip at least 10 times in a minute

8.only kid not a brat though

9.English not my first language but i know it because we have to lear it in school and i take lessons -_- jk great language.....I enjoy french stuff more thoough ;)

10.Did you figure i flirt a lot? I do :P I'm also a perv sometimes....You dont believe me :O now I'm hurt :/

11.I'm a joker not the Joker in batman -_- IF ANYTHING I'M BATMAN


13.I'm 16

14.I like horror movies

15.I hate the movie Friday the 13th and anything that has something to do with 13 i skiped it too if you didnt notice.

16.You went to look if i skiped it i didnt XD

17.I get weird in awkward or confusing situations i'll start randomly laughing and talkin abot aliens

18.Havin sex is like quadratic expansion if it can't be split then it's time to stop,
And havin sex is like doing fractions, it's improper for the larger one to be on top,
And havin sex is like math homework, I do it best when I'm alone in my bed.
And squarin numbers are just like women, if they're under thirteen just do them in your head...
It's new math

19. O.o what the hell is 18? right XD i sing that song a lot

20.You're still reading this? -_-

21.I cant wait till I'm 21

22. wait 11+11=22 :D

23.I'm a fail

24.I like cookies give me one I'll love you for ever ;)

25.I randomly hug and kiss people

26.Old ladies hate me especialy one -_-

27.She almost broke my nose and she hit me with her purse -_-

28.I love my friends

29.still here?

30.I dont know what else to say really i dont know

32.Do you read i said I DONT KNOW

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