I've always written short little blips of things that never really go anywhere.  There was a really big piece I was working on in high school and then there was Charlie.  Charlie and I have a bit in common, and I think thats why up until recently I hadn't continued Charlies story.  But now its like there s a flood gate open that I can't shut.  So I write.  I write almost anywhere and on pretty much anything too.  I've been known to (out of boredom) grab a napkin and jot down scene ideas on them and then work them into teh story.  

I have 3 wonderful kids that all have great imaginations like mommy. I'm hoping my youngest son becomes a writer because he sure has some good stories to tell. My oldest is a creative artist, even though its not always on paper. My daughter can turn almost anything into a toy - cardboard boxes as caves bags as buses and boots as parking lots.

Up until real recently I hadn't let anyone else read this story or anything else of mine for the most part. Then I started letting a friend here and a friend there read my writing and slowly but surely I had several of them tell me I needed to hurry up and finish the next chapter. Another friend of min found this site, and so against my better judgment I've posted it on the net for others to read and comment on. Anything I post is up for critique and any helpful comments would be greatly appreciated.

I hope to post the entire book on here eventually as I get it completed between my kids, my day job and my photograph business I'll get it up for you reading it. I'll take my creative butt off now and go write some more.
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JMason0206 JMason0206 Jun 04, 2013 02:41AM
Chapter 4 of My Name is Charlie and this is Their Secret is posted - I've also added a completely new story "The Phoenix Stone" needs some adjustments its something I wrote ages ago - but as you can...
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