Geeky, thoughtful, practical, and sometimes a bit grumpy but a ultimately well meaning girl that moonlights as a writer.
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Stories by JLKing-Edwards
Underworld Boss by JLKing-Edwards
Underworld Boss Fantasy
Cleopatra was far from your average woman. She lived out of the back of her camper, moved from state to state, ran a blog and had a serious case of the sticky fingers. That last problem, is part of the reason she m...
Aegis Antiques by JLKing-Edwards
Aegis Antiques Fantasy
Things aren't always what they seem at Aegis Antiques. A short story in a curious world where urges aren't always of your own devices and where a detective needs a bit of divine help to keep out of trouble.
Tri-Terra: The Arrival by JLKing-Edwards
Tri-Terra: The Arrival Fantasy
This is the story of how Gregory Theron III's life went from shitty to strange. After loosing, his corner office, his job, and his girlfriend all in one day he thought his life couldn't get any worst. Thankfully...
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