On April 15th, I'm going to have a really cool surprise for you here, so keep an eye on the page. =D


@JLArmentrout  I know why you used Jensen... Because, Ackles, my baby. Supernatural <3




@JLArmentrout Wait what was the surprise?


Hi.I love all of your books,but the luxseries was the best.I would be so happy if we could read the whole series from Dees POV.There are still things that would interest me a lot : How does someone from outside see daemons and katys relationship?What about Adam and Dee?Are they  really in love?How is the live for a unmarried female luxen in the colonie?
          Maybe we would find out more about matthew and the thompsons,because it seemed like dee is spending much more time with them than daemon.Maybe ash and andrew aren't that mean as they behave infront of katy.
          In the book "Shadows" dawson black says, daemon always had a kind of wall around him,that even he or dee could not break through,but dee and dawson were always the best friends.So I would love to find out more about the relation between dee and dawson.
          I also want to find out how dee actually thinks.We all know dee as a excited,lovely,pretty,hyperactive and maybe crazy girl,that is full of energy and loves being around others.But is she really that positive as she seems?That could be answered.
          It would not be so bad,if you decided to not write the books from dees POV.I know its not that easy to write a book,but i just want to say,that I would be one of the first person to buy the book.
          PS.Im sorry,if my english is incorrect at some points.I'm not a native speaker


Hi Jennifer, I’m a big fan of your work. I’ve read a lot of your series in high school like the covenant series, the dark elements series,  but my all time favorite YA paranormal series is the lux series. It’s incredible, I really enjoy all the layers and elements from the luxen, hybrids, origins & humans to the obsidian & opal, and the use of the onyx. The lux series was such an amazing adventure from the very start of obsidian to the very end of opposition. I love it so much that while being quarantined I decided to re-read the entire series from start to finish. There’s one thing I realized that the first time around also made me sad. We never got a scene of Daemon finding out that Blake had been sleeping in Katy’s bed. I’m sure you made that decision purposely and I think I understand why... (he’d kill him) and that obviously was not Blake’s fate. I was just thinking that it would maybe make for an awesome extra scene or fanfic. Maybe a reimagining of opal where Daemon finds out or a future scene of Katy finally telling him what Blake had done. I totally understand that you’re busy, just wanted the idea out there. Love your work  and thank you for such awesome series ❤️


          Acabo de publicar capitulo 6 de Un Retrato Hablado. "Nueva estrategia"
          Espero les guste esta historia, y si es así házmelo saber regalándome ★ y comentando. Así me ayudas a mejorar.


Hey Jen,
          I love your books.....they are the best. I love reading the Lux Series and the Covenant Series!!! Could you, Jen, you of the amazing writing prowess and fantabulous books, pretty please,please,please, with choco chips and whipping cream on top, write more fanfics about the lives of  Alex and Aiden and Daty after the end of their series!!! Please...Please...Please.
          Yours lovingly,
          Alex Diaz
          P.S. I've never read about what happened to Alex and Aiden after the end of the series. Well, the series based on Seth didn't give me much stuff  on Aiden and Alex.
          P.P.S Daty is the ship name I use for Katy and Daemon.
          ***sorry for grammatical blunders.


I Love your Books but the Covers Look more pretty at the english Version and Not at the german Version  but i‘m a but Fan and i am so greatfull that Katy and Damon will Be a Couple forever and ever ❤️
          Lots of Love 
          Gizem ❤️