In her 'real life,' JJ Belding writes in another genre. Mostly. Unfortunately, her fans like those much far more than the fantasy stories she also loves to tell. 

So, frustrated and never liking to be put in a corner -
much like Baby in Dirty Dancing - JJ was invited to band together with three other authors and they formed Hemisphere Books.

Calling themselves undercover authors - because it sounds fun and a little mysterious, they're hiding out so they can write the stories their other fans don't appreciate.

When she's not hanging out, plotting, and planning with her Hemisphere cohorts - all guys, by the way - JJ can be found sipping wine, relaxing on (REDACTED) Beach, and fantasizing about things she shouldn't be doing with Chris Pratt - but still wishing she could.

Now that she's decided to become two people, writing in two different genres, she wishes on many stars for more hours in each day - and hopes certain family members don't find out that she's also JJ Belding. Why? Because out of the corner, JJ isn't quite as inhibited as (REDACTED).

Will she ever come clean about who she really is? Maybe. And maybe not. She's having a lot of fun in this new playground so we'll just have to wait and see.
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