Name: Izuku Midoriya
Stripper Name: Deku
Age: 16-22 (depends on rp)
Gender: Trans Male (FTM)
Secondary Gender: Omega
Occupation: Stripper
Position: Bottom \\Not comfortable topping
Sexuality: Gay + Poly
Lover(s): (None)
Crushes: Todoroki, Bakugou, Kirishima, Shinsou a few others

"Y-Yes~ U-Use me daddy~"

Midoriya: Me,
Kacchan: @_Blasty-Mic-plodes_ ,
Todoroki: @Shoto18 , @PuppetDiAscro ,
Kirishima: @-https_riot ,
Uraraka: (none)
Yaoyorozu: (none)
Jiro: (none)
Tsuyu: @-_Tsuyu-Asui_- ,
Iida: (none)
Mina: @alien--mama ,
Denki: @SmolPikachuBoi ,
Aoyama: (none)
Hagakure: (none)
Sato: (none)
Koda: (none)
Ojiro: (none)
Sero: (none)
Tokoyami: (none)
Shoji: (none)
Mineta: @JusticeforMineta ,

"A-Ah~ C-Choke me daddy~"

All Might: (none)
Aizawa: (none)
Midnight: (none)
Present Mic: (none)

Hawks: @BNHA-SerKeigo ,

Toga: @HimikoTogaxDabi ,
Dabi: @D-DXBI , @Blueflame-Cremation ,
Shigaraki: @TomuraShigaraki_irl ,
Kurogiri: (none)
Twice: (none)
Overhaul: (none)

Tamaki: (none)
Mirio: (none)
Nejire: (none)
My Daddy: (none)
My Top: (none)
Claimed by: (none)
My Alpha: (none)

"A-Ah~ Y-Yes daddy~"

\\Please ask if you want to be added^ I will say yes, even if it takes a bit to see it (Sorry if that ever happens) More than one is allowed
\\Pm me if you want to rp. I do smut and fluff
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