Most of you know me as IzaMcFlygirl but my real name is Emily. Okay so I have no idea what to put here so here's some facts about me!!

Favorite Bands/Music Artists: McFly, One Direction, Blink-182, The Saturdays, Little Mix, Lady GaGa, Fall Out Boy, Skillet, The Wanted

Favorite Food: anything hot, spicy, sour, sweet, seafood, italian

Favorite Color: Purple

Birthday: December 9

Grade: 11th (junior babbay!)

Favorite Animal: Trick question I am an animal lover so I love them all :3

What I want to be: Veterinarian

Do i have a bf? Ha! No! just got out of a 1 year and 5 month relationship.

Hobbies: giving hugs, laughing, competitive swimming, basketball, friends, hanging out, art, cooking (not trusted though because i set the house on fire), writing, dogsitting, reading

Books in the making of: A McFly story (put on a little bit of a hold), Dancing on the Kitchen Tiles: The McFly Effect

If anyone wants to talk or needs to get anything off their chest I'm here and will listen and talk with you just message me :)
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IzaMcFlygirl IzaMcFlygirl May 09, 2016 08:21PM
Hello all my beautiful followers and fans of Dancing On The Kitchen Tiles: The McFly Effect. I believe it has been a long time- about a year I guess???? no wait whoops 2 years.... since I have been o...
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McFly's Summer In Paris

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Description: This is a fan fiction of Dougie Poynter from McFly. (AN:: Why Dougie? Because he’s my absolute favorite out of all of them so deal with it. Xp) In this story, Dougie Poynter is part of the band McFly who is in...


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