My name's Ivvy (pronounced just like Ivy) and I've always got too many stories to work on. Besides all the fan-fiction currently published here, I generally have at least three or five ideas on draft, plus my original works that you will soon (hopefully) be able to find on my other account (see website link below).

My talents include being exhausted, writing (apparently), procrastinating and panicking. I'm not so well with socializing or anything like that, but feel free to drop by and say hi!

Note: If you'd like me to update a particular story, please comment or tell me and I will try my best to get that update up.

I'm trying to learn a lot of languages: Italian, Russian, Danish (and I'd like to learn Greek, Latin and Arabic), and I speak a little bit of Spanish.

Q: How do you know you have too many characters?
A: When you can't remember them all.

I've got a lot of stuff to do- always, but the world is going so f*cking wonderful, I just think, WHY NOT DO IT ALL???

I try not to pop into conversations that I'm not apart of. I'm always open if you have history questions or you'd like to talk about history!!! ....I get really defensive of history sometimes, I apologize in advance.

Also, I might turn into a sarcastic little shit if I get annoyed or I'm tired so, Hope to see ya guys around!!


If you're triggered by reading depression, suicide, self harm or anything of that sort, please do not read "Choices" or "Finding Family". Writing these are my way of coping and I know some people cope by reading these things, but if they cause you to relapse, please don't for your own safety.

Please talk to someone and if there isn't anyone, my inbox is always open. I might not respond immediately if I'm busy, but I promise that I will talk with you if you need a hand or an ear.

Don't let this be your final stand. You've gotten this far. You can do it.
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