Dearest Wattpaders!

I go by Ivory here and welcome to my profile!

*Shivers* I looked at the old description and decided in no less than 0.5 seconds to rewrite it. I've changed since then.

Or so I hope.

Anywho, my lovely wattpadians, my stuff is crap. At least to me. The first thing I did seriously needs to be deleted, but I'm too lazy (and yet I'm taking the time to rewrite this. One thing about me, I'm an ironic hypocrite).

One thing I ought to say to all you writers out there. The artist will always hate their work. Even if you think it's awful and embarrassing, post it, because when you see the opinions of the online community, it will make you smile. Sure there will be haters, but the lovers will outweigh them at least two to one.

Practice makes perfect! Never be discouraged! If you love it, don't let anything or anyone stop you!

My goal for this year is to stay positive no matter what. It won't matter what anyone says, because I'm not going to care.

I don't care about a lot of things, but I do care about writing. It makes me smile, and if it makes you smile, then my job is done.

Well, if it makes you feel anything, then my job is done. A good author will make you cry and hate them!

One more question for my fellow PJO, HOO, TOA fans. Does Hazel have Canadian connections? Because not that long ago, there was a Québécois politician by the name of Rene Lévesque (I'm fairly certain that's the right accent). Maybe her mother had a brother, and the name managed to make it to the 1960/70's? I dunno. Just thought I'd mention it.

Bob says hello, my stars.

~ Ivory
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