I'm an editor-in-chief and translator. My name's Sakarati Takishima. In my team everyone knows me as "Akuma"(cause I like to do my work perfectly and don't tolerate misconduct).I like to help the writers to force their way in life and more than all I like to edit their work.If you are a beginner or want to find out whether your work is well written, or you are like me, you can write me. I promise I'm nice

So after I told you what I like to do, it is time to tell you that I am fujoshi and who can I blame for this? Oh, right, my best friend who is gay by the way. He and his boyfriend are the cutest fucking couple I have ever seen.Sorry, babe if you see it, but you know it is true. I hope everyone has fun with my stories and like it. See you guys and don't forget to comment and vote.

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