i like to Read Manga, Watch A-N-I-M-E, Sketch, Listening to Music, reading books, playing badminton, playing computer, reading pocket books... :)

Let's start with my Name first..
I am Ivan Angelica Nonato
or you can just call me Angel or Ivan that's nickname or words they used to call me..^^
Some say i'm humble, kind, sweet girl while others say i'm a quiet one or the silient one in school.
But I say I'm the girl who studies hard(but not that hard)...doing the best I could do to reach a DREAM yet to come true..what would I gonna be in the future what gonna be I someday or what kind of person of i to be...
There are still many youths don't know their selves(identification crises) or there's something missing...some of them don't know what are they put for...where are their dignity in life?..
Okay... Here's a detailed information of myself... A bit Judgmental and Ambitious... Even if I'm like this... I know where's my place and I have the utmost respect for other people ^^ I love A-N-I-M-E!! Of course cause its my hobby... I love to sketch and draw, I love to write short stories which sometimes ends up on my computer saving, And also, I also love to hang out ^_^, I don't like a Flashy attitude, I don't like bagoong or Fishpaste in English, I don't like to dance(Its simple, I don't know how to dance)... Hmmmm.... I think its a bit too much...
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Merry Christmas everyone (Merikurisumasu mina)!!! ☃☃☃
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