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I want you all to know that you are so beautiful and precious. I understand that a lot of people go through tough times with their body image, including myself. But, I want that to change.
I want every single one of you to understand that you truly are perfect just the way you are. Don't ever look at yourself and say that you'd be more loved if you were skinny or that you would be more loved if you gained weight.
No. Just no.
It brings me so much sadness that we are all so blinded by this cruel society. If you are fat, skinny, thick, thin, chubby, underweight, overweight, etc, etc.. then go you!
Remember that those are body types. They are not who you are on the inside. They should NEVER define you. Your body should never choose the things that you do and do not do.
A quote I once heard was this: "When you leave this world, your body does not come with you, what comes with you is the impact that you have left."
You are beautiful. You are loved.
And to all of those individuals who do body shame, I hope it all comes back to you because never, in a million years, does someone to deserve to hate themselves. The skin on us is beautiful, no matter the amount of fat or straight up bone there is tucked underneath it.
We are all beautiful in our own way. If you are sitting there worried someone may never love you because of your body, stop. You're wrong.
I love you.
I don't care what you look like.
I'm not here for looks or a number on a scale.
I'm here for you.
And everyone else should be too.
I love you. Remember that.

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