Weird furry trash.

Hallo! I'm Crimson or Void, call me either one-
Nice to meet all of you lovelies!


I'm literally getting nowhere with this

Fandoms: I'm in the Furry Fandom, CountryHumans Fandom, Steven Universe Fandom, and the Warriors Fandom!

Books: I update pretty slow, and I don't work on books often, but I have one book in progress now!

Appearance: I'm 5'3, very dark brown eyes and hair, a pixie cut, and I wear numerous amounts of bracelets, necklaces, and chokers. (I never take a certain necklace or my bracelets off.) I also have a dreamcatcher earring.

Relationship status: Taken by a lovely bean! She goes by the name of Glory for most!

Sexuality: Pansexual, gender fluid

I'm not giving out my social media, sorry-

That's all I have to say! Bye-bye!
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