to those who are familliar with @golden_writerz story called sleep paralysis

im trying to find the artist as well lmao

for now for some reason, ill be here in the back, hiding... and while i hide i wanna be your friend! lets make some cotton candy and tell some puns, make some dark joke and suicidal jokes! I love them! i may act childish and have a need of 2 internet moms (update: one goes out to buy some milk D: ) to hover over me and makes sure im not doing something ill regret.

i can comfort you and can handle vents! so if you have any problems tell me! i may say yeeee all the time but it means im happy!!! im self aware of my flaws and mistakes (sometimes) but cant take critisism well...

also i curse the fuck a lot and hope i dont shove your willy dick on the grinder in seconds, ill be friendly most of the time but if i know you curse, imma curse with you too. i want a cursing buddy too man...

soooooo thats me! i hope we get along! i love anime like detective conan, mob psycho, land of the lustrous, woodpeckers detective office, muhyo and roji's bureau of supernatural investigations, blend-s and etc.

im a steve saga fan, aaaaand idk anymore because i always forget what i want in life but all i know is if it involves drama like yandere dev drama (update: got sick of the never ending drama, got sick of it and left), makeup community drama and etc.

you might want to spice your little right? but its kinda bad if drama involve you too though

soooo thats all so byeeeeee

online but drawing:
offline: !
offline but busy and will get back online soon:
please dont bother me i wanna be alone:
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I finally finished with my isolation due to problems but awhile that, I started and finished binged watching persona 5 so expect a somewhat new personality from me, it just finished downloading.
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