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annnnnnd your gone again


@itspow miss you too!! please update soon!


@ItsPow we miss you too:((


Hi, I'm sorry to bother you, but, are you going to continue the Suga series? Me and lots of my other friends have been waiting. I would greatly appreciate if you could finish this. Thank you!


If you’ve read more than 10+ Jungkook books, give me a hand please. 
          Spoiler alert. Kinda. 
          I’m looking for this one story... I could swear it was this one since I’ve read it ages ago, but it wasn’t. Jungkook and... I can’t remember if it was a girl or a boy (aka bts ship) are in college and the other person is portrayed as a nerd while Jungkook is a typical jock. They’re roommates and they don’t get along because Jungkook is a ladies’ man and keeps annoying the other person with his habits while all “the nerd” wants is to study in peace. I remember this one scene about a party where the nerd gets drunk and next morning Jungkook makes the hangover worse by making noise. Then another scene where their room gets trashed because of Jungkook’s adversary... soccer/ rugby team? Then there was one where Jungkook asked the nerd to spend time outside the dorms after 10 pm because he’ll bring a girl over, but the nerd refuses. They get on each other’s nerves until one of their heated arguments leads to sex and eventually they start having feelings for each other. 
          Does anyone know a similar plot to this? Please... I’ve been looking for days. Maybe it’s not straight, maybe it’s Taegi or Jikook. Maybe Jungkook is the nerd. Maybe they’re not in college ): but something along these lines, please let me know 


hey.. you were the first person I ever followed on here and you made one of the first fanfictions I ever read which inspired me to make a story and now I've gained over 100 followers and my first book has over 4k reads.. I just wanted to say thank you for that..<3