I like reading manga and watching anime. I tend to forget A LOT of stuff. I'm Asian I like shades than colours I dislike pink. I'm an insomniac I can't sleep till three and when I'm sleeping I sleep like a rock, so if you know me I'm pretty much a lazy ass, but really smart (The person that everyone uses for getting their homework done). Because I can't sleep, and I end up thinking about work, so I don't end up doing more work. If you know me I tend to do stuff last minute. I'm a vampire I hate the sun, but love the dark, so I can sleep, last time I went under the sun for 30 min I got the worst sun burn in the world because my skin was peeling and yea. I don't like people who are really loud, but I'm ok with people that are a little loud (as in 4 people in the room blasting music I'm ok, but at a concert I might lose my sanity) oh did I mention my bad grammar, and I'm bipolar so deal with it, I also tend to have onions in my house every time I read a ff so um yeah favourite anime either Naruto, Black Butler, or my hero academia. I like yaoi (DON'T ASK) if you ever see me in real life I have a black hoodie, black mask (Corona), black pants, black hair, I might look bored and have a straight face at times I have fair skin, and I support Black Lives Matter because I run it :) did I mention I forget things sometimes yes if people gave me directions I'll forget them, but I'll remember important things. Did I mention I'm smart I'm not a nerd, but a weeb and otaku I'll come at you if you say anime is a cartoon and murder you if you are racist to anyone...I kind of tend to swear a lot and go into a sort of accent when mad otherwise doubt you'd find me. Imma stay single like a pringle till the rest of my days kinda rejected 2 boys this year oop- ok I think I'm done ranting OOOOOOOOOo did I mention I do art, like to sketch like I said shades and no colour for me it's anime and realism..... and to sum it up I DO NOT WEAR MAKE-UP and dresses...call me a goth I don't care.
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ItachiUchihaWoof2 ItachiUchihaWoof2 Feb 04, 2021 01:21AM
Oh I made a fan fiction 1st one :) I putted a sample there, so please tell me what you think of it... im a little anxious my account is @ItachiUchihaWoof
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