Hello love !! If you enjoy fantasy - romance novels would you mind checking out my newest story Dargan city. He’s a synopsis to see if it interests you. :) 
          "There's a reason the dead receive so many flowers. It's because regret is stronger than gratitude ."
          In the new modern Algeria, humanity lives side by side with dragons. The main capital; Dargan city holds the 7 sages; the seven most renowned dragon racers of that era. Cambria is a herbalist in the city and even as the daughter of a retired sage, she has no interest in dragons.
          That is until she travels outside to the wastelands in pursue of a rare medicinal herb and stumbles across a dragon with violet, iridescent eyes and a heart of gold. This dragon seems adamant on staying with Cambria and they form an unlikely bond. 
          After returning to Dargan city, she befriends a white haired stranger called Arctic. Not only is he the most bizarre character she's ever met, he's also the most skilled dragon racer she's ever seen. Little by little, she gathers trusted friends as everything she knows is challenged. This is all in an effort to stop the dreaded plans of the royals. Something that may wipe dragons out forever. 
          Expect a little suspense - a lot of humour - dragons - romance - and one hell of a wild ride.


Heyyyy.... I am posting this msg on your profile with high hopes and more than high anticipation. I am writing a new werewolf book "The Wolf and his Moon". Few chapters are already up. Updates are frequent and the chapters are long.
          Please check it out and share your views. They mean a lot to me.
          I sincerely hope that you give my story a chance and like it. Fingers crossed!!!
          Have a good day ahead!!!


Hey do you mind giving my book a try maybe leaving a vote and some feedback thank youhttps://my.w.tt/UsJxc1kzyU


@BlackRosegr04 haha I mean it's a beautiful name and thanks ♡♡


@BlackRosegr04  I’m giving it a try but the name of the mc is the same as mine and I’m kinda shook!!


@BlackRosegr04  sure I’ll give it a read


Thank you for adding my story in your library.
          Hope you enjoy reading it.
          Do let me know your thoughts on it.
          Happy reading. ❤❤


Hii!! Thanks a lot for reading and commenting on my story 'Her Saving Grace'. It means so much to me ☺ I hope you are enjoying it!! Have a great day just as you have made mine!! ❤❤ ;)