Assalaamualaikum wr wb everyone! :)

-Muslimah- love Allah and His Messenger and the Book of Allah
-Wish to be a Hafiz
-Born Muslim
-Childish and innocent
-Swings are best
-Really weird
-Book-lover, especially fantasy and historical fiction
-Tomboy without intention of being a boy but just 'coz mens watches and boy shoes are cool
-Grammar nazi *sigh*
-OCD *sigh*
-Short temper ugh
-I have a cat and I would like to rub that in your face. No lol jk. Joking is haram pls.
-I honestly don't know why people would want to know about me. Perhaps I should delete this, ugh?

Finally I would absolutely love to help anyone with religion whether it's a convert or a born Muslim or someone who just wants to know about Islam. Or if you want to talk about anything else it's alright. I'm here and I won't judge. :)
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    Riding a swing in the clouds :P
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IrregularMuslimah IrregularMuslimah Jan 10, 2016 01:22AM
Assalaamualaikum wr wb. If y'all can take a few seconds to pray for a 20 year old brother who was diagnosed with cancer, I'd really appreciate it. This young man is special though. He is a student of...
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