My name is Erika and I was born in May 1st 1997, at 09:30AM from a loving and caring mother, a kind and comprehensive dad. I did not know  by then that my aunt would become, years later, my best friend, and also, my favourite writer. Writing her own story, she gave me the name Iris, which is the name I prefer to be called in certain situations. (Not that I don't appreciate my name Erika, but as a writer, I am Iris.) 
In love with BBC Sherlock, I honestly don't get tired of writing and reading them (And RPing them on omegle, also.). I decided to write a Parent!Lock fanfiction months ago, and published it all on and now I'm publishing it here.

Not much else to say, I guess? Take a look at my blog and you'll know a bit more. Any questions (as silly as they might be) I'm always up to answer. I hope you enjoy my story.
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