I'm a writer. Not an author, novelist, poet, etc. No, just a writer, meaning as long as I'm writing something, be it a book, poem, song, short story or more, I love it. No, not anything else, just a writer.


For those of you who are just coming to know I even exist here on Wattpad, let me tell you a little about my work. I put everything I have into these stories. My morals, beliefs and experiences are carefully woven into whatever I write as a way of not just expressing myself, but also to help people learn what I have learned, time and time again in my life.

Love. Is. Powerful.

These three simple words are the basis of every single one of my works. No matter what you read that I have written, you will see the truth in these words, one way or another. People will argue that it's cheesy, or overused - I counter by saying that maybe it is, but maybe it is because it's the one thing we need to remember most in our day to day lives. No matter what kind of love we give, or receive, it makes a difference in our lives and others. Receiving little to no amount of love at all is destructive; receiving all the love in the world is empowering and beautiful. Not everyone believes this - and my works, though they are fiction, are my way of showing not only those people, but everyone else as well, that it's true.

Love can break you - when you love someone so much it hurts, and you lose them...yes, it hurts. But love can also mend you. It can get you to pick yourself up off your feet and go on - it can encourage, empower and strengthen you. No matter what kind of love it is...for your pet, for your family, for your friends, even for yourself! Love is what keeps us going. Love is what makes us strong.

This is my perspective on the world...and this is what spurs me to continue to write my stories. And this is what I hope to teach you, if you didn't know it already.

Love is powerful. So don't take it for granted.

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Soul Bound | Part One

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Description: Sarah is a happy girl, content with everything she has. A chill Mom, a sweet little sister, and two of the best friends a person could ask for. But when fate takes a turn for the worst, ending her life, she dies with one regret. She never knew true...


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I love soul bound! When will you update it? I'm sorry if this sounds like I'm making you update it buuuuuuut it's just so good and i want to know what happens next!  Thank you :)
I swear that I have never done this before because I would hate it if someone did this to me but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, pretty please with a cherry on top,  update Soul Bound. It is such an amazing book and it has been months since I have become so engrossed in a wattpad novel that I couldn't put it down. You are such an amazing writer and I desperately want to read more of your work. Please <3
please I beg of you to finish soul bound part two you can't leave us hanging and I'm sure a lot of people agree with me. will you have more of it done soon please I'm in love with this book
Hi! First of all- I'd just like to say that I love Soul Bound. It's such a fresh, unique idea & it is definitely well written. Secondly, in your most recent update on Part 2, you had mentioned that you were getting a lot done and wouldn't be surprised if you finished the book by the end of the year. Usually I'm very patient, but since you said that about 11 months ago, I just thought I'd check in to see where you're at on writing; when we can expect the rest of the book to be posted. 
      I understand the importance in taking your time and not releasing subpar work, so please don't take this message as me trying to rush ya. I'm just really into planning and time frames lol. Hope you have a nice day! xx
Hi iridescentStarlight's I'm a huge fan of your books can you please please make book three of soul bound or finish the second book because at the end i got confused are you making the rest of the book and posting it all at once or your taking a break? please someone help me understand thank you