Hello, Wattpad! My name is Inubastian, and I am here to bring you lots of fan fiction! Mwa ha ha!

I REALLY love the following anime:
- Attack on Titan
- Erased
- Inuyasha
- Sword Art Online
- Nanbaka
- The Devil is a Part-Timer
- Yamada-kun and the Seven Whiches
- Soul Eater
- Blue Exorcist
- Seraph of the End
And many more...

I also REALLY LOVE Vocaloid. Here are SOME of my favorite Vocaloid songs (there are many):
- Crazy Night
- Dancing Samurai
- Odds and Ends
- Meteor
- Joker
- Nice to Meet You Mr. Earthling
- Rosary Pale
- Cendrillon
- Remote Control
- Tell Your World
- Erase or Zero
- Your Body Temperature
- Melancholic
- 1925
- No Logic
- Common World Domination
- Electric Angel
- Po Pi Po
- The Lost One's Weeping
- The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku
The list goes on and on. See my story "Vocaloid Lyrics" for a complete list.

I write mainly fanfiction for both anime and Vocaloid, but I also have some "original" works, like "My Famous Quotes" and "My Book of Poetry".

If you like Vocaloid fanfiction, I recommend @Rebochan. Their fanfictions are AMAZING! They are so well written and full of feels!

Well, that's it for now. PM me if you like/fan over any of the animes or Vocaloid songs listed above. Bye!
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To all of those who are reading my story "Suzume: Inuyasha's Twin Sister": Chapter 9 will be out soon. Thank you for your support and your patience :)
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