Swiggity swio, this is my bio

Let me seduce you with my awkwardness


Merlin, Supernatural, Doctor Who and Sherlock are my life

I'm a socially awkward person and extremely shy

I like reading and sometimes writing but I'm not really confident with my work. To quote a well known author: "writing is hard"

I put the hot in psychotic (jk, I'm not hot)

Destiel, sabriel and michifer
Mergana and a little merthur
Spirk bc ☆ space husbands ☆ & chulu bc ☆ sulu & chekov ☆
Hannigram ♡♡

I ship them like FedEx

"I'd rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I'm not." ~ Kurt Cobain

"It's lonely to be more powerful than any man you know and have to live like a shadow." ~ Merlin

"Happiness can be found in even the darkest places if only one remembers to turn on the light." ~ Albus Dumbledore

Nirvana, Metallica, fob, p!atd, and ngfl the soundtrack of Hairspray fight me

I am a party animal ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

jk, the only club I get down at is club penguin

Pewds, Dan and Phil, Shane, Markiplier

I'm afraid of whales

Procrastinating is my life

Once you go gay, there is no other way

^ My logo for gay fanfiction ^

1. PewDiePie
2. Pie
3. Arthur is a dollophead
4. Cas is awesome when stoned... or high... or drunk
5. Dean's Batman
6. Bitch
7. Jerk
7 and 1/2. Assbutt
7 and 3/4. Idjit
8. These are pointless rules
9. And there are only nine

And why am I telling you all of this?


Heh... Just kidding...

You probably think I'm a psychopath...

Well I'm not... I'm a highly functioning sociopath... Do your research...

I'm transgender (ftm) and I'm gay and I'm proud ♡

@thesamm72 she is amazing, read her stories and love her

@taylortalksalot_ and I shall be married on the next sunrise

☆ my inbox is always open if you need to talk ☆

You have been seduced by my awkwardness

uncanadianmoose - add me on snapchat bc I think I'm hilarious
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Hey, guys, I may not be able to update for a few weeks or so, I'm just in a bad place right now and I'm not feeling too great. Hopefully I'll be back on my feet soon with more updates but until then...
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