Hello mortals,
I am called iJay, you may call me Sir Supreme Overlord of Fandom.
Yes, you must use the entire title, that is not an option.

I enjoy the finer things in life; like
-Dylan O'Brien
-pizza rolls
-a cats purr
-writing bad fan fiction
-drinking a nice cold Dr Pepper
-all things Harry Potter
-Adventure Time
-Dueling with yugioh cards

If you have any questions or complaints, my dear minions, feel free to IM me, email me (GED_Studying@yahoo.com) or add me on FB at Facebook.com/PuppetAssassin

1: White and Black
2: Snape's Daughter
3: Lilliths Father
4: Lily Snape
1: Back in Time
2: Forward in Time
1: Only a Girl
2: Not Just a Girl

Now kindly bow to me, your Supreme Overlord.

Thank you, kind peasants.
Peace and Love be with you,
King iJay (Sir Supreme Overlord of Fandom)
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    Beyond the Wall
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InternetJunkie InternetJunkie 12 days ago
      I would feel a lot better if you did.
      I swear i have never been so obsessed with anyone, ever. 
      I need medical help man ._. 
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