I am called iJay, I am nearly a quarter of a century old and I am a fangirl.

Doctor who, Merlin, Torchwood, Sherlock, Avengers, Agents of SHEILD, Game of Thrones, etc.

I'm also a huge band nerd.

All Time Low, Of Mice and Men, Shinedown, Thousand Foot Krutch, Twenty One Pilots, Ed Sheeran, Bon Iver, RED, We As Human, Cage the Elephant, etc.

Basically: I like lots of things, feel free to message me and we can talk about lots of things.

Yes I will read your stories, BUT YOU HAVE TO POST THE LINK OR ELSE I WON'T DO IT.

Any questions?
Just PM me, add me on FB (link is www.facebook.com/PuppetAssassin) or email me at GED_studying@yahoo.com
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Not Just a Girl [Book Two]

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Description: [BOOK TWO] *SLOW UPDATES* She's killed. She liked it. She can't wait to do it again. Amaryllis Potter has managed to become a Death Eater with the help of Bellatrix Lestrange.. Well that and Amy's uncanny ability to invent new spells that make kil...

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Snape's Daughter REWRITE

Snape's Daughter REWRITE

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SECOND DRAFT -- This is the rewritten version of Snape's daughter, all updates will be irregular, incons...

Forward In Time

Forward In Time

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Book Two-Completed: Spencer Snape, in an attempt to go back to her own time, is thrust into the future...

Give Me Mercy

Give Me Mercy

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Previously called 'Mercy'

His Nemesis [Twilight / Paul Lahote Short Story]
      it will be the last chapter I'll be able to post for at least a week, as tonight I'm going back home. 
      however my keyboard seems to be back in working order, so I'll be able to write some while I'm away from the internet.  I'll keep working on NJaG, and the rewrite of Snape's daughter.  I'm also attempted to go through and edit all my other stories a bit.  
      AND I have at least three more stories I really want to start on.  
      One is an AVENGERS fan fiction called Defining Moments, it may not be a romance story but if it is, then it'll be either Tony Stark or Phil Coulson, and it'll be about how everyone has one single defining moment and her's was when she said yes to joining the Avengers.  
      The second is a TWILIGHT fan fiction about a faery who was banished from the land of Fae for falling in love with a human, an southern soldier in the Civil War and telling that human about the Fae.   (It'll be a asper Whitlock story c: ) 
      The Third is a Sherlock BBC story, it'll be a Mycroft Holmes story, it'll be called The Snake Lady and it'll be about Myc and how he encounters an entirely new species of women.  
      cunning, beautiful, graceful; those are all things that you find in many women he was forced to be around due to his work.  But snakes, deadliness and next to no emotion; sociopathic tendencies with perhaps a bit of paranoia and an unhealthy love for all things venomous?
      Well that was unlike anything he'd seen before.
      there are also like a million other stories I want to start but these are the top three on my list right now.  Which would you guys prefer me to write?  Or are none preferable?  Should I make a new list?  
      Let me Know!  
      Peace and Love,