About me? 

Where do I begin.......

I've avoided doing this forever as I hate talking about myself soooo lets start with the facts shall we?

Favorite Tv shows: Merlin, Pretty little liars, Grey's Anatomy, Waterloo road (RIP as far as im concerned)

Favourite Music: Taylor Swift, Eminem, Katy Perry, Ed Sherran, Foster the People and Sparks the rescue (I just realised i listen to the wierdist variety of music)

Favorite Book series: Harry Potter!!!!!

Favorite Wattpad Books: The Lost Princess, anything kirsty1000 writes, The Brightmore Series

Favorite Wattpad authors: Explode, PS_love, kirsty1000, princesssharley, ashfull (hmmm and LOADS of others as anyone who can upload on a regular basis is a hero in my opinion because writing is soooo hard as im currently experiencing with my new book "Target")

Well Ladies and Gentlemen thats about it. <3
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Intelligent_ivory Intelligent_ivory Dec 17, 2012 07:28PM
@conleyswifey Thanks for you message and my lips are sealed I promise! I'm so relieved I'll happily (and less hesitantly) read it now! ;)
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The Untold Tales of a Target

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Description: Since before she could walk Sydney Harris has been Targeted by the bosses - the most dangerous underground Mafia in the World. Her father unknowningly sealed her fate when he attempted that which none other ha...


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