I don't believe in God, I don't believe in luck, I don't believe in happiness I don't believe in breathing

I just believe in death

This is what rock bottom feels like
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Recognize (A Ticci Toby Fanfiction)

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Description: "Darkness hides who we are, but sometimes that darkness shines a little light on the world." ~Me (Tobias Erin Rogers)

If I let you in, you'd just want out.
      If I tell you the truth, you'd vie for a lie.
      If I spilt my guts, it would make a mess we can't clean up.
      If you follow me, you will only get lost.
      If you try to get closer, we'll only lose touch.
      But you already know too much, and you're not going anywhere...
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In the end its all the same, I'm alone, you're okay. I'm a boy, you're who you want to be. I'm struggling to breathe and you're laughing. You smile I cry. I can't fix that. You're words won't fix it either. I say fuck it. Take you're bags and go. The corpse left will never haunt you, so don't try. Just let me die. I know you don't mean what you say, you just pity me. So dont say it. Love ya babe, but you're not invited to my funeral <3 kiss kiss <3
And on my deathbed, all I'll see is you
      The life may leave my lungs
      But my heart will stay with you
      That little kiss you stole
      It held my heart and soul
      And like a ghost in the silence I disappear
      Don't try to fight the storm
      You'll tumble overboard
      Tides will bring me back to you...