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Hello! I am InkHeartCM aka A.M.Anderson aka Ralph the Wonder Llama. (JK I couldn't type this if I was a llama.) A little about myself. I am 21, in college with a major in Creative Writing and a double minor in Gender Women Studies and TESL.

I love reading and writing (duh)! I also have an inability to finish stories in a timely manner. Which I apologize in advance for. I am getting better at that. In addition to writing, I also create book covers. I've attached the link to where you can go and request a cover/banner. Most of the covers for my own books I've made.

My favorite shows are Criminal Minds, Doctor Who, anything Marvel (and a few DC), SPN, and Red Dwarf.

The best books (in my opinion) are Treasure Island, the Harry Potter series, and Edgar Allen Poe's work. I also really like the Percy Jackson series, as well as Soulless.

My favorite movies are anything Marvel (except AoU because that movie never happened), The Road Within, and The Grand Budapest Hotel.


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InkHeartCM InkHeartCM Jan 14, 2016 08:44PM
Hello! I uploaded a new short story called "Dead Men Do Tell Tales" about a detective who suddenly finds herself with the ability to see ghosts. Please check it out and let me know what you think.
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UNDER REVISION Silence in the Scars (A Criminal Minds Story)

Social data: 127K reads. 3.3K votes. 586 comments.

Description: The BAU heads off to Hill Lake, Minnesota to catch a serial killer that strangles his victims. When Spencer Reid is taken hostage by the UNSUB the team has two days to find him or else.

19 Parts - Completed

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