I've been writing for quite some time, mostly in poetry and roleplay form. I write many short stories to give my characters a little depth and while some I may post as is, I plan to elaborate on quite a few using the originals as a basis to work from.

As far as the person behind the writings... I am 25, still wandering around trying to find that place that I feel like I am home. Leasie is my younger sister, currently I reside in Connecticut close to her.
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Twice Damned: Finding Redemption

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Description: A short story I wrote for the siring of Sammantha Night, I may rewrite this to combine into the Twice Damned story but I like the way it came out over all.


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Twice Damned: The Twisted Tale of One Lost Soul

Twice Damned: The Twisted Tale of One Lost Soul

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The biography a character I roleplay off and on. I will provide a more adequate summary of it's contents...

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