Well then, Wattpad changed my ✖Joker Imagines✖ from Fanfiction to Random. 
          	Not sure how to feel about that. 


@Queen_LC You can't Change it back?


Hey I am a big fan of your books I would like if it's possible for you to read my book imperial Minds


Hey I love your book Joker Imagines, but I just wanna say can you put the old cover back to celebrate the Heath Ledger Joker... Or the joker from Batman the animation series. It's just that now that you put the Jared Ledo Joker it just makes your book not as unique and 'real.' it (for me) makes it more  mainstream and looks like any other joker story's... Sorry if you may get offended I didn't  want to make this a hate message. I love your book. And just keep up the good work!⭐️


@Queen_LC I was wondering could I do a request for joker images please.I would be harley Quinn's daughter but joker doesn't know about me until I show up 17 years later...


     Hello Queen_LC.I just wanted to give you permission If I could post the poem (Let Me Be Your Princess) on youtube???If so,I will be voice acting as Lucy reading the poem.The creator of the poem will be shown in the description.Goodbye & Have a good day Queen_LC!!!!