Too all my fans you are now the, Immortals. That is the name I've given you. Immortals all the way! Show your fangs or your furry tail to the world. 

Please my friends, leave as much support as possible. Which means comment and vote, please? It really does mean alot too me and if you enjoy them all then please do fan me. I only wish the help of my Immortals. Thank you!
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ImmortalVamp ImmortalVamp a year ago
So my children, it's been a while and would you like to know why I've pretty much fallen from the earth? Because I've been writing extra parts for books 2, 3 and 4 of the current series and now I lea...
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Animal (Book 1)

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Description: Hi there, I'm here to tell you the beginning of a young boy's life. His name is Brandon and he's had to recently move from Sunny Cali to gloomy Washington, pretty normal till a very curious Cheeleader named Ha...

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New Fangs (Book 2)

New Fangs (Book 2)

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Both Brandon and Hailey had some time to settle in and stop worrying about each other's safety. At least...

Blood Moon (Book 3)

Blood Moon (Book 3)

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Story Reading List

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