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Thank you each and every fan! You all mean so much to me! I read every comment you leave and they all make my day. :)

Most of my stories from those two are one here, but if you would like to read some older stories of mine check out either one.
My Mibba's username is TayRayy and the link is: http://member.mibba.com/168003/
I started off on Quizilla with the username is the same as this, ImmaDreamer26, but the site has closed down since then.

Sianie1990- She made my profile picture. Thanks again! :)

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My Apologies and Explanations

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Description: For those of you wondering what has been going on with my writing and why I haven't updated in forever, please read this. It will inform you about my life, my writer's block, my current actions, what I'll be c...


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I Found Myself Falling... Not For The Right Thing Either.

I Found Myself Falling... Not For The Right Thing Either.

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When she told herself that Craig Moore wasn't going to lie in her heart she didn't count on what would h...

My Opinion Doesn't Matter [On Hold]

My Opinion Doesn't Matter [On Hold]

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My parents are never home. I study my way through weekends. I go to school five days a week and at least...

Seduction Leads To Destruction

Seduction Leads To Destruction

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When relationships go wrong they usual start with the words Hayden Jones. Guys drool and girls scowl, bu...

It's Not What You Think

It's Not What You Think

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Anastasia Wellington is thrown into a series of crazy events when her mother is murdered including being...

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