❝I will destroy you in the most beautiful way possible, and when I leave, you'll finally understand why storms are named after people.❞
I fiddled with the ends of my hijab as I inhaled nervously. I have no idea what I'm doing - I don't ever fit in. I tried to distract myself by skimming a finger along the spines of some of my favorites: The Selection, Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Mortal Instruments-
"Stop." She whispered, her dark eyes regarding me silently, "You can't run away from reality."
My eyes strayed to the smooth surface, where She stood, with Her lips curled maliciously.
I tried to think of my amazing crazy amazing friends: Izzy, Neicey, Tali, Tracy, Mads, Sam - they were the ones who cared.
"You're crazy, always daydreaming, you're not even pretty. Who could ever love you?"
Again, I ignored Her. Roaming my eyes around my room, I smiled a little at the colorful art and quotes decorating it.
"You can't ignore me, you can't destroy me, I'll always be right here."
I turned, almost tripping over the rug, and tilted my head a bit. "You're so bitter. But I won't take any of your words to heart."
She copied my movement.
I smiled again, "You're my opposite, always putting me down, but that will make me stronger. Isn't that true, Mirror?"
Her eyes flashed, I threw a cloth over the mirror, walking towards the door.
"You can't even make a good bio," she taunted.
My lips tugged up, "I already did." With that, I shut the door.
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❝I don't care how rude they are, always be respectful. You can't judge them unless you're perfect. And darling, perfection is impossible.❞
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