Hey, I'm Misty. I'm 14 live here in Newcomb.... I'm single I love warm hugs!!!! I'm the type of girl that is Shy|Silly|Funny|Awesome|Friendly|Loving|Cheerful!?!?!?!
I go to Newcomb skool I'm shy at first but once you get to know me then you'll know my whole story!!!!!!!!!!!!

Top #10 Facts About Me:
1. I'm emo
2. Love
3. Biggest Crush: No-one
4. Cut/Burn (don't judge)
5. Colors: Red|Purple|Black|Neongreen|Blue
6. Listen: FallingInReverse|BVB|AvengedSevenfold
7. Love NO-ONE to death
8. Darkness is my soul
9. Music is life
10. Hugs!

WARNING: please don't fucking pissed me off whatsoever I'm really tired of having to give up my life and sit in the closet and sit with my friend in the darkness where we can both relate and get through this together............
Whatever you do please don't get me upset don't want you to see my darkest side of me!!!!!!!
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