@GloriaSaviahBVB Holy hell...I didn't even know I'd reached 400 fans. :o 
          	Also, I'll be back soon if everything goes as planned. :)


Hey, I just want to know how your doing. You haven’t posted anything in nearly 2 years and want to know if your okay??


So. Um. I’ve never done this before... but I just... started? I mean I guess. Over the past three days I’ve read all of ibfy and like half of hhu... these books are by far the best I’ve read. I seriously read from the time I wake up till the time I go to sleep... but I k ow they were published years ago... I hope you’re ok. Maybe you are just happy and living your life... but... I don’t want to really think about the other possibility... please be ok ❤️


@ImHereToTakeTheSky omg hi I stalked this account for years looking for u I thought something really bad happened I'm so glad


@ThatWolfChild Hey! It's been forever since I've been on here, so I'm just now seeing all of the messages. I am doing much better these days, and I appreciate the love from everyone. I hope you're doing well, too! ❤


I don’t normally do this but hey I’ve noticed it’s been a really long time since you’ve updated and after reading the last chapter of hhu im really worried and i wonder if maybe you’ve moved on and you’re now happy or maybe you’re no longer with us and that is what sickens me. Please be okay 


@cheezwhizaddicts Hey, Parker! It's been years since I've been on here, so I'm just now seeing the messages from everyone. I am doing much better these days and I feel awful for having worried everyone. I hope you're well! ❤


You can't be dead your doing fine 


Please come back to us we need you we love you 


Hope ur doing okay love ♥


R u gonna make a 3rd book they r so good the r enjoying to read 


Please come back!!! I fell in love with your two stories, you have a gift!


I hope you are okay. Please be okay. You can't have gone. But if you have, if you've made the choice to end it, at least you aren't suffering anymore, even though you could have found that light again. You're amazing. Please don't be gone. Love, Brii.