Greetings humans! As it turns out, my Hoodie x Reader series "To Remember"? Yeah, book one has made it to #9 in the #proxies category. How, why, what even?


Holy jeasus, I’ve only read like... the first chapter of one of your books and I’m already HOOKED.
          I don’t know how to thank you enough, you are a great inspiration! 


Hello there!!
          I've been a follower and your child (formerly known as TheSeeker31) since, I dunno.. 3 years ago??
          And because of you, I'm inspired to write my own triology!!
          Your book "Red Wrists" is such a big inspiration to me and it was a really great one! One of the first few books I've read when I was just a newbie in Wattpad.
          Thanks for writing your books and hopefully, I get to read them again when I have leisure time^^


So uh, a publishing company wants to help me publish Red Wrists? I have told them many times that it is a Creepypasta fanfiction, either they don't get that or they're just not paying attention to a word I am saying. So um. I'm not sure what to do. So....... help? Decisions?


@IllusionTheProxy I say you let them publish it. I know it’s late for me to say this though. You can always say it’s a “unofficial novel”


@IllusionTheProxy  hey you should probably just say this  hi there , I get the feeling you don't understand the little hint I am giving you that I do not want to work on Red Wrists with you so please I hope you understand and leave me alone


@IllusionTheProxy idk let them read it. Tell them it's a fan fiction that has basically copyrighted characters? Idk. If you want it published let them publish it. It's your choice really.