Y'all ever invade Czechoslovakia just to flex on the Allied Powers

Y'all ever have a crush on an anime boy just to flex on everyone elss

Y'all ever be America just to flex on Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Flex Seal = Fire
Flex Glue = Water
Flex Tape = Earth
Flex Shot = Air

Todoroki = Fire
Asui = Water
Kirishima = Earth
Tokoyami = Air

Being homophobic is pretty gay because you spend time thinking about what other guys do with their dicks.


Gender: I'm a he
Sexuality: I like dick, alright?
Will to live: 30%
Lonely: fucking obviously
Have I considered running away: At least thrice
Am I in the closet: So far in, I'm practically in Narnia

If you need to know my name is a combination of the 2 best dumbasses I know about.

"If I had a nickle for every time I've wanted to fuck a fish, I'd have 2 nickels. Which Isn't a lot, but its weird that it happened twice"
-Link, Breath of the Wild
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Update: a guy in a house called death row asked for a hug so I did. Also I had a screaming match.
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