achilles is a slutty, slutty man 


hi i'm back with my several em-dashes and run on sentences xoxoxo 
          found this old draft of mine collecting dust and after rereading and rereading it, i fell in love with the story again and decided to edit + rewrite! now it's here, & [lana del rey voice] she's cooler than ever


Hi...I am Oshin Fernando and I am an aspiring writer and a poet. I write short stories,poems and screenplays in my free time. I also like to read classics and right now,I am reading "The Great Gatsby." 
          I read your "War Song" which was in my recommendations and it was amazing..
          I also published my new poetry book and it's about Love,Passion and Heartbreaks...
          It's called " Hopeless Romantic." Here's the link:

          Don't forget to check out my other poetry books too.
          P.S: I love GOT but I was mad at the last episode especially a certain main character's death cuz I loved her a lot..what do you think about it???


Hello Oshin!! I'll check your book out! 
            P.S. oh yeah same. What they did to her was straight up character assassination. She did not deserve that ending character-wise 


Hey love! Do you mind checking out my poetry book? you don't have to but would mean the world to me! 
          ❤only if you think it deserves your precious read ^^ no pressure, but if not, it's totally cool!! Have a nice day❤


@ writers... just know... if you ever think your writing is shitty, just take a look at Game of Thrones and the completely SHITTY writing it has now. 
          i may have to personally invite D&D to lower me in my grave so that they can let me down one last time


@Iechon its such a shame really, having such a strong beginning but barely crawling at the end.