Shy, Bi, and nervous to say hi. 

It's me. Ur local hug dealer.

I am a froot loop in a town full of Cheerios

@ScarletLovey is my proud mother, with @DragonSweetheart , @xXEnder_Xx , @kikax13 , @LonelyGayWeeb as my beautiful children
@AngstyEmoFander , @-defectivehours @girldanger15 and @You1Dont2Know3Me4 are my adorable children. <3
@ScaryObsessedGarbage and I are hug dealer buddies :3
I'm a lonely hufflepuff ;-;

Shit I like:
Buzzfeed unsolved 🐐
Buzzfeed true crime 🔦
Banana fish 🍌
Attack on titan 🏃🏻♂️
Black butler ⚜️
Panic! At the disco 🌀
Melanie martinez 💖
Cosmo Sheldrake 🌱
Paramore 🍊
The Ready Set 💙
PJO! 🌊
Harry potter 🧹
Gotham (TV series) 🃏
DC too ( although their stories r pretty shitty)♦️
Gravity falls!! 📓
The Magus Bride 👰
Markplier 🟥
Moriah Elizabeth🟥🟧🟨🟩🟦🟪
Nerd E crafter🟫
Star vs the forces of evil (TOMCO) 👑
Dead meat 🪓
Cinema sins 🖊
Big hero six 🩹
Wonderland 🔮
Sgt. Frog 🐸
Gundam anime ⚔️
Disney 🏰
Seven deadly sins 💚
Sally face 🚹
Sherlock Holmes (book and the TV series)🔎
Mortal instruments 🖊
Voltron 🚀
Pokémon 🦔
Carmen sandiego 🔍
Shadow hunters. 🖍
Thomas Sanders 🎤
Jon cozart 🎭
Rise of the guardians 🌙
Robert Langdon series 📖
The amazing world of gum Ball⚗️
The school for good and evil🔪
Gotham ( tv show)🩸
Hamilton 💌
Umbrella academy ☂
Detroit become human 🔵
The promised Neverland 🏞
Murdoch Mysteries♟
Teen titans🧨
All saints street💖
Hannibal 🔪
House MD 🕵🏻♂️
Valkyrae 🦅
Marina ⚡️
Corpse Husband 🎭
Sykunno 🌱
Ghibli Studios ✏️
The disastrous life of Saiki K. 👾
And more

Sexuality; bi-curious and demisexual

Gender; I'm pretty sure you know

Relationship Status; Taken!
Taken as a joke ;-;
no but seriously I'm single as a Pringle!

Btw, if u message me in my PM's, I won't reply for a long time, as I can't access it on my phone.
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