"If you love writing, do it. Don't let others stop you. Write as much as you about anything you want. You have a talent embrace it. Let it crack out of its shell and become a butterfly."
( Thier's no fucking butterfly emoji! Discmation to all butterflies!)

Yo! Yes, you person reading my bio without my fucking permission. Like hello, this like my diary! It's basically were I talk about myself and how awesome I am! Hahaha!
(Oh god, I sound like a creepy ass piece of shit! I'm sorry for my caringness! *Haha! No, I am not!*)
Anyway, since you're still here trying to figure out more about me, I'll tell you. Call me Ice or Storm it honestly doesn't matter I don't give a fuck. I'm Canadain. and nicest person in Canada.... (Not lovely at all, I hate mostly fucking everything.) Also, an angsty teen who has fucking two years in high school left.

Gender: Female (Obviously, I have boobs)
Age: 15
Birthday: September, 21
Sexuality: Bisexual (Always, will be no matter who the fuck I date. *Hahaha! I wish, my bi ass will be single forever!*)
(I'm sadistic and very vulgar)

Writing (I write original stories, and anime fanfiction.
Anime and Manga (Huge Otaku! Have a long list of anime I've watched to prove it! )
Yaoi and Yuri
Horror (It's not supposed to scare you btw. Horror is supposed to make you feel unsettled and disturbed or disgusted)
Food (I'll eat anything. *Even the shit I don't like*)
Meat! (I'll die if I go vegan!)
Sleep (Hahaha! I barely get any! *lol, I'm so tired right now*)

Trump (Not even fucking Americain)

I have a lot of other shit I fucking hate but I anit gonna tell you cause I got no more room
You now know me! Check out my stories if you want or don't. Fuck you and goodbye!

(If you need anybody to talk to I'm always here! 😊)
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If you like superheroes, mystery and are not fucking homophobic...check out my story I guess. https://www.wattpad.com/story/160706588
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